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Nursing and midwifery are professions where routine tasks have a transformative positive effect on those that care for, their families, and the nursing staff themselves. The work of delivering care is not easy though – often what comes with it includes long shifts, under-resourced wards, and poor staff facilities.

Every member of the nursing team will know the particular challenges of staying happy and healthy whilst looking after people who are unwell. But what interventions and forms of support are available to them as they deliver expert care?

The RCN Foundation has funded a number of projects to scope out the causes of burnout, ill health and poor mental wellbeing among nurses and midwives, and supports projects that address those issues.

Amin Abdullah RCN Foundation Wellbeing Grant

Amin Abdullah RCN Foundation Grant 2022 recipients

Find out more about the 2022 grant recipients and their respective studies.

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Creating leadership in nursing and midwifery that promotes cultures of wellbeing

Research funded by the RCN Foundation and led by Queen Margaret University has identified healthful leadership practices used during the pandemic.

Mediterranean food

Interactive app for nurses

Thanks to our £20,000 grant, nurses can now download a free app to help identify trigger points during their working shifts when they are most likely to make unhealthy eating choices

burnout in nursing report

Burnout in nursing

Challenging work conditions lead to widespread mental health problems and burnout among nurses and midwives, according to a report by the Society for Occupational Medicine.

Nurse struggling hands to face

Mental health and wellbeing repository

If you are a frontline health care staff struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, here is a list of organisations that can help.