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Interactive app for nurses

Supporting nurses with healthy eating at work

Thanks to our £20,000 grant, nurses can now download a free app to help identify trigger points during their working shifts when they are most likely to make unhealthy eating choices. The app, produced by charity C3, aims to help nurses answer three key questions:

  • before, during and after work, how do I make decisions about what to eat and drink?

  • what triggers (situations, feelings or experiences) during my working shifts lead me to make unhealthy eating choices?

  • are there healthier alternatives, and how do I make them part of my already packed routine? 

RCN Foundation funding paid for an interactive decision-making PDF, conceived and designed by nurses, which developed into the NURSING YOU app. Nurses involved said they wanted a tool that was created by nurses with nurses’ unique workplace challenges in mind.

“The tool is simple to use and aimed with our roles in mind, no daft suggestions or gimmicks,” says Selena, a nurse who has tried it out. “Being part of this project has mobilised me into losing weight, four stone so far, and the difference is noticeable both at work and home.”