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Resources to help people with learning disabilities understand the benefits of vaccinations

The RCN Foundation, NHS England and charity, Beyond Words, have developed three illustrated resources designed to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities.

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Social Care Nurses guide to Revalidation

The RCN Foundation was delighted to fund FoNS to develop a video animation  ‘a practical guide to revalidation for nurses working in social care’. 

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Interactive app for nurses

Thanks to our £20,000 grant, nurses can now download a free app to help identify trigger points during their working shifts when they are most likely to make unhealthy eating choices

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Nurse training to enhance care for brain injury survivors

A new online course has been developed at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the RCN Foundation to help nurses respond more effectively to the effects of neurological conditions.

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Creating leadership in nursing and midwifery that promotes cultures of wellbeing

Research funded by the RCN Foundation and led by Queen Margaret University has identified healthful leadership practices used during the pandemic.

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End of life film and resources

An RCN Foundation £3,000 grant to the Royal College of Nursing paid for a film and an educational resource about lessons learnt from Josh and his adoptive family’s story

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Nursing through time: school resource

In 2015, the RCN Foundation funded £30,000 to the RCN to produce a printed educational resource called ‘Nursing through time’ aimed at Key Stage 3 students (11-14yrs). This resource was also publised online and is free for schools to download.

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Psychological first aid for care home nurses

Helping care home nurses cope with the trauma of COVID-19.

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Mental health and wellbeing repository

If you are a frontline health care staff struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, here is a list of organisations that can help.