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Why partner with the RCN Foundation?

Almost 27,000 professionals left the register between March 2022 and March 2023, with more than half of those leaving earlier than planned, citing burnout, workload and concerns over care quality. Most said they were unlikely to return to nursing or midwifery, including younger leavers.

UCAS figures released in February 2024 confirm a 10% fall in the number of applicants to study nursing in England for the next academic year and a 26% fall in the last 2 years, despite the government’s Long Term Workforce Plan for the NHS.

We are facing the frightening prospect of a world without enough nurses. This has to change. There has never been a more critical time to support those that give tirelessly to our communities every day - partner with the RCN Foundation and make a lasting difference.

Who we are

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Into Nursing

In 2019, we introduced our Into Nursing education grant to support graduates (in any academic discipline, having obtained an Upper Second or First class undergraduate degree) to become a nurse. The RCN Foundation ‘Into Nursing’ programme provides funding of up to £2,500 per year for the duration of the course. 

The rationale for supporting graduates from other disciplines who wish to become a nurse is that they will have already accrued a significant financial commitment to their previous undergraduate study. This often influences their decision to retrain as a registered nurse, thus providing financial support seeks to alleviate this. 

Partner with us and help create the next generation of nurses. 

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