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The RCN Foundation abides by the following policies, as set out by the RCN Group:

The RCN Foundation and responsible fundraising

Our Communications and Fundraising with Vulnerable Supporters policy (PDF).

Equity, diversity and inclusion at the RCN Foundation

Our ambition: as part of the RCN Group, the RCN Foundation aspires to be a champion of equity, diversity, inclusion and human rights, and recognises the value of being a diverse, fair and inclusive employer.

As a grant-making charity, the RCN Foundation aspires to work towards creating an inclusive culture within which our beneficiaries and the wider public can participate, contribute and thrive without fear of discrimination, barriers and exclusion.

We recognise that there is a profound relationship between inequality and health. Through our work and the way in which we operate, we aim to respond to, and positively address, the impact of health inequalities and their adverse effect on individuals and communities.

Guiding principles

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is guided by the following principles:

  • Communication: the Foundation’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, and the results of its activities in this area, will be communicated clearly and publicly. We will build on our successes and learn from our failures.
  • Accountability: equity, diversity and inclusion is everyone’s business within the organisation. We all have a role to play in embedding the approach across the organisation, both at a governance and executive level.
  • Leadership: we will enable and facilitate leadership across our governance and operational structures to ensure that equity, diversity and inclusion is addressed. Through its funded work, the Foundation will also seek to better define the contribution it can make to thought leadership across the nursing and health sectors that contributes to reducing health inequalities.
  • Metrics: all of our work will be driven by a data- and metrics-led approach. Regular and robust reporting will take place to enable accountability and transparency.