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Resources to help people with learning disabilities understand the benefits of vaccinations

During the first wave of the pandemic, people with learning difficulties were up to six times more likely to die from COVID-19. It became clear that accessible information about the virus to those at high risk was urgently needed.

The RCN Foundation has worked with NHS England, and charity Beyond Words, to develop illustrated resources carefully designed to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities.

The first resource, Beating the Virus, was published by Beyond Words in 2020 and provided visual guidance about how to keep safe during the pandemic.

The second resource, Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccinations, was published by Beyond Words in 2021 and provided reassurance on getting vaccinated. The study, along with it's findings have now been published. You can download the report here. Alternatively, you can download the easy read version here.

The third resourceHaving a Vaccine, was published by Beyond Words in 2023 and aims to support people with learning disabilities to understand the importance of vaccines and take informed decisions about their health.

Learn more about each resource: