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Here For Life – a celebration of nurses and midwives

The RCN Foundation is proud to launch an exciting new social media campaign created in in partnership with the Chief Nursing Officers of the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Here for Life is a social and digital media campaign in celebration of the International Day of the Midwife and International Nurses’ Day. Visit the Here For Life website.

The campaign exists to raise the awareness of the public of the breadth, depth and diversity of the nursing and midwifery professions and the impact that they have on individual patients and clients and on wider society. 

The campaign also aims to amplify understanding of the professionalism, knowledge, competence and skill that nurses and midwives use every day to support life, at every stage, and in a range of clinical and non-clinical settings.

Be inspired

To celebrate the range of roles and individuals within nursing and midwifery, the RCN Foundation has produced a series of images, podcasts and short clips that profile the work of seven inspirational figures. Get started by taking a look at what being here for life means to Jaki and Asha.

Jaki is a midwife. A government advisor, an innovator, a collaborator and a champion for choice. She keeps remote and rural Scotland ahead of the curve. Jaki is #hereforlife

Asha is a nurse. A community support, a positive force and a provider of care at all stages of life. She makes health experiences just that little bit better. Asha is #hereforlife

Watch videos about other members of the nursing and midwifery team from across the five nations.

Listen to our podcasts to hear the experiences and perspectives of nurses and midwives working in different roles across the UK and Ireland.

#HereforLife 2023