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RCN Foundation partners with ShinyMind to provide mental health and wellbeing support

We've partnered with ShinyMind to provide mental health and wellbeing support to those working in non-NHS settings, including social care.

Founded in 2018, ShinyMind is an evidence-based, proven mental health and wellbeing app, co-created with the NHS, that seeks to give people the power to achieve positive change in their lives, improve their wellbeing and remove the stigma around mental health.

The app, which is currently free to all NHS nurses, midwives and healthcare support workers in England, has proven to help reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life. It has already made a significant difference to the lives of users working in the NHS, as evidenced by ShinyMind’s most recent findings:

     ShinyMind recent stats


ShinyMind now seeks to replicate their success in the NHS within the private sector and have generously donated 500 licences to the RCN Foundation which are exclusive to nurses, midwives, midwifery care assistants, and healthcare support workers working in a non-NHS setting in England, including social care.

If you would like to access the ShinyMind app, please complete this form.

Deepa Korea, Director of the RCN Foundation, said “We know that those suffering from ill mental health within the nursing profession is on the rise – the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has recently warned of a growing mental health crisis amongst nursing staff, as its membership support line data shows a substantial increase in the number of nursing staff seeking help for having suicidal thoughts. We are very grateful to be working with ShinyMind to help tackle and mitigate this crisis, and in particular, support the nurses, midwives, and healthcare support workers in the private sector who otherwise may not have been aware of the support available to them.”

Rebecca Howard, Founder and CEO of ShinyMind, said "Over the last year, we have been honoured to offer ShinyMind to all NHS nurses, midwives, and healthcare support workers across England, and we are thrilled we can now extend this gift to all the incredible members of the RCN Foundation. We understand the challenges our nursing workforce face daily, from staff shortages to workplace stress, all whilst under immense pressure to continue providing compassionate care to others. ShinyMind was co-created with the NHS to provide a diverse range of evidence-based tools and exercises aimed at improving mental health, fostering self-awareness, nurturing relationships, reducing stress, anxiety, improving sleep and more. The Nursing LifePack, a collection of resources shaped by the insights of nurses, midwives, and healthcare support workers, stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting their wellbeing so they can keep their cups full."

Do you work in the NHS?

All NHS nurses, midwifes, midwifery care assistants and healthcare support workers in England can sign up to access ShinyMind for free using this QR code:

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