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RCN Foundation becomes a signatory to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change

RCN Foundation makes a significant step in our commitment to tackling climate change by signing up to the  Funder Commitment on Climate Change (FCCC).

The Funder Commitment recognises that the growing climate emergency is a serious risk to the pursuit of charitable goals and that trusts and foundations have a responsibility to ensure they are managing and distributing resources in a way that acknowledges and responds to this threat. Funders who sign the commitment assume responsibility to address climate change in the funding space and commit to work together to rise to the challenge.

The Funder Commitment on Climate Change is a holistic, high-level framework, supporting the RCN Foundation and other funders to play our part in tackling the causes and impacts of climate change.

It launched in 2019 and has more than 100 funders signed up to take action to support the transition to a low carbon economy, recognising the growing climate emergency ‘is a serious risk to the pursuit of our charitable aims’. As part of the commitment the RCN Foundation has committed to:

  • Educate and learn: Make opportunities for our trustees, staff and stakeholders to learn more about the key causes and solutions of climate change.
  • Commit resources: To accelerate work that addresses the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Integrate within all our existing programmes, priorities and processes, to contribute to a fair and lasting transition to a post carbon society, and to support adaptation to climate change impacts.
  • Steward our investments for a post carbon future: Proactively address the risks and opportunities of a transition to a post carbon economy in our investment strategy and its implementation.
  • Decarbonise our operations: Taking ambitious action to minimise the carbon footprint of our own operations.
  • Report on progress against the five goals listed above, develop our practice, learn from others, and share our learning.
By signing the six commitments, we hold ourselves accountable in playing our part.

Deepa Korea, RCN Foundation Director said: "The climate crisis is one of the biggest issues of the 21st Century. By signing up to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change, we're holding ourselves accountable, while also joining a valuable network of funders to work co-operatively to share learning and best practice. Funders such as the RCN Foundation can play a vital role addressing the causes of climate change and supporting adaptation to its effects.

Funders can help ensure that everyone has access to opportunities arising from the transition to a low carbon economy, and to ensure that the costs are not disproportionately borne by those who are least able to pay. Nursing and midwifery staff have a critical role to play in helping to deliver UN climate goals. Their impact is important and potentially far reaching in terms of developing innovation, caring for patients affected by climate change, and raising public awareness."

Read about the commitments in detail here.