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General Information

Grants are awarded through an open application process.

We award grants to over 100 people a year.

You can apply online through our website. 

Our grants open twice a year between the end of March and May and the end of August and October each year. Bespoke grants may also open at different times throughout the year. To receive updates on when our education grants open, please sign up to the RCN Foundation email newsletter

There are different eligibility criteria for different schemes. Please check the information for each individual grant when they open.

  • Medical personnel

  • Nurses registered outside of the UK

  • Individuals in a support role not managed by a registered nurse

  • Undergraduate student nurses

  • Anyone who has received a grant within the last 12 months.

The eligible course start dates will vary depending on what grant you are applying for. Please check the individual grant pages for more information.

Courses need to be accredited by a UK higher education institution or Professional Body, for example the Resus Council, the RCN.

Courses that are not accredited by a UK higher education institution and alternative therapy courses.

  • Course fees
  • Travel for the course

  • Childcare relating to the course

  • Accommodation relating to the course

  • Staff replacement costs, if it’s at least five consecutive days, or six or more days in total for each calendar year of your study. You would pass on this money to your employer.

  • Books

  • IT equipment or software

  • Meals and subsistence

  • Taxis/car mileage except when there’s a medical, or other compelling, reason

  • Service development project costs.

Each scheme is different.

  • RCN Foundation Professional Bursary Scheme: up to £1,600 a year
  • RCN Foundation Leathersellers’ CYP Mental Health Grant: up to £1,600 a year
  • RCN Foundation Olufunke Adeyeye Grant: up to £1,600 a year
  • Monica Baly Grant: up to £1,000
  • RCN Foundation Needlemakers: up to £1,600
  • RCN Foundation Marcia Mackie: up to £1000
  • RCN Foundation Rae Bequest: up to and £1,600
  • RCN Foundation LV= Education Grant: up to £1,600
  • RCN Foundation Kershaw Grant: up to £500.

We will request a manager’s reference if you are successful. This needs to be a short letter or email from your employer to confirm your employment and that the course that you are doing is relevant to your role.

If you are applying for the non-medical prescribing, we need written confirmation from your line manager that there is a clinical need for you to be a prescriber in your role. We also need signed confirmation from your Practice Assessor.

Unfortunately, we can’t fund retrospectively. If you’ve started a course and have modules within the eligible dates, you can apply for funding to cover them.

RCN Foundation Student Grants

RCN Foundation Student Grant application open in the autumn.

For an RCN Foundation Into Nursing grant, you need to:

  • Be a graduate in any academic discipline with an upper second- or first-class undergraduate degree.

  • Be eligible to apply for a nursing or midwifery degree or postgraduate diploma course with an eligible start date, or have already started the course.

  • Already have experience of healthcare of at least 500 hours in the last five years.

  • Live in the UK and have firm intent to work in the UK.

  • Registered nurses or midwives.

  • Anyone who does not have a first degree.

  • Anyone who did not achieve a 2.1 or above in their first degree.

  • Anyone who has received a grant within the last 12 months.

Courses starting between February of the year of application and February of the following year are eligible.

Our student grants are for cost of living and do not cover course fees.

The Into Nursing grant is for £2,500 per year of the course.

Our Student Grants do not cover course fees.

Into Nursing: you need one reference from your manager and another academic reference. These must be from different people. Please provide an academic reference from your undergraduate degree.

Before I Apply

We only accept online applications.

If you have a disability and find it difficult to complete the online application, please contact us on:

No, the application has to be made by the individual who is doing the course.

No, if you are applying for more than one course, you will need to complete a separate application for each one.

No, all parts of the application must be completed.

No, we can’t help you find a course. Unfortunately, we can’t provide any type of career advice as we are a grant-giving charity.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we aren’t able to give feedback on individual applications.

Yes, you can re-apply.

Completing the Online Application Process

Each section has a word limit.

Click on the application button. You will then be asked for your log in details, you should be directed to the application you have started.

You will be able to reset your password through the website.

No, once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make changes to it. So we strongly advise you to take the opportunity to review your application before submitting it.

No, we can’t accept any late applications submitted after the deadline. So we strongly recommend submitting before the deadline so that we can help you with any technical difficulties you may experience.

Applicants will receive an email to confirm their application has been submitted. If not, please check your junk mail. If you still haven't received a confirmation email, please write to

It would usually take up to six weeks after the application closing date to hear back.

Please list each individual module/activity for which you are requesting funding for. If you are requesting funding for travel or staff replacement costs please ensure that you use the most accurate figures that you have as you will not be able to increase the amount after the closing date. If you are applying for a cost that is not listed please select Other and provide details where prompted.

Shortlisted Applicants

You will only need to attend an online interview if you applied for a student grant and are shortlisted.

Interviews will take place following the closing date and once applications have been reviewed. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by email to inform them of the date.

No, if you can’t make the interview, another date can’t be arranged.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we can’t give feedback on individual applications.

Successful Applicants

You will need to submit evaluation reports on your learning experience to the RCN Foundation. Full payment of the grant will not be made until we have received these. Successful applicants will receive the full terms and conditions with their award letter.

Once a grant has been awarded, we can’t amend the amount.

You may be asked to repay the grant awarded to you.

Yes, all successful applicants will automatically be signed up to the alumni network.

Any questions not answered here, please email us at Good luck!