CHSA provides grants to organisations that support health and care workers across the UK whose lives are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grants are to provide support to those needing emergency aid and facing financial hardship, for projects to support mental health and wellbeing and to help the sector’s resilience and recovery.

The CHSA Board of Trustees meets and reviews applications on an ongoing basis.

What funding can be used for?

The funding awarded by CHSA is to support activity under three themes which are:

Emergency aid and hardship

Frontline health and care staff are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 and for many, this is presenting unexpected challenges and making ends meet is difficult. CHSA provides grants to organisations whose beneficiaries are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. Funding is awarded to help in a number of ways including:

  • Living costs for those unable to work if they are self-isolating, particularly those on zero hours contracts
  • Living costs for those whose financial situation has been directly impacted as a result of the virus
  • Financial support for families of health and care staff who have died from COVID-19 to pay for funeral costs

Psychological support

The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of health and care staff is profound. CHSA is committed to funding projects that offer tailored psychological support to health and care staff who are experiencing the traumatic effects of working on the front line.

Recovery and Resilience 

CHSA recognises that the pandemic will have a long-term impact on the health and care workforce and that new ways of working and projects for recovery will be so important. We are supporting evidence-based projects that will strengthen the workforce and encouraging creative applications that look to bring about positive change across the sector, including through better leadership and peer to peer support.

Who can apply?

CHSA is making grants to organisations best placed to deliver support to those in need. Whilst preference is being given to charitable organisations, we will also consider applications from other not-for-profit entities. Preference is also being given to applications from organisations that support health and care workers most adversely affected by COVID-19. This might include but not be limited to, for example, those within lower salary bands, people from a BAME background, or people in vulnerable groups with an underlying health condition. Applications from organisations operating within any geographical area within the UK are eligible to apply for support for health and care staff living and working in the UK.

Guidelines for Applicants

Before making an application please read the guidelines here

Is my organisation and project eligible?

Full details of eligibility criteria can be downloaded here. Please ensure that your application meets the requirements.

Discussing your project

If you would like to discuss your application before completing the CHSA application form, send an email in the first instance to summarising your project in a few sentences.

How to apply

Please download and complete the CHSA Application Form and return it to