The RCN Foundation supports nursing-led projects that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the public.

The RCN Foundation project grants scheme makes an impact on the lives and careers of the nursing community and on the general public by addressing public and community health issues. Here are some examples of our funded projects.

Image Library project funded

Library and Heritage Centre

The Foundation funded the redevelopment of the RCN Library and Heritage centre in 2012 for the benefit of the nursing community and the general public.

nurse holding hands of elderly person

End of life film and resources

An RCN Foundation £3,000 grant to the Royal College of Nursing paid for a film and an educational resource about lessons learnt from Josh and his adoptive family’s story

nurse handing in pen to patient

Community nursing in Scotland

Our £20,000 grant funded an online resource which documented the working lives of the Queen’s Nurses from across Scotland.

nurse with folder

Practical nurse revalidation guide

The RCN Foundation was delighted to fund FoNS to develop a video animation  ‘a practical guide to revalidation for nurses working in social care’. 

Mediterranean food

Interactive app for nurses

Thanks to our £20,000 grant, nurses can now download a free app to help identify trigger points during their working shifts when they are most likely to make unhealthy eating choices


Tackling loneliness and isolation

Intergenerational befriending can combat social isolation and loneliness.