RCN Foundation Kidby Student Grant

Are you undertaking a nursing degree? Are you an RCN member? Are you from the South East of England?

Apply for the RCN Foundation Kidby Student Grant to be awarded a one off grant of £2,500 to support you as you study an undergraduate nursing degree.

To apply for this grant, you’ll need to be:

  • Starting or already enrolled on a UK undergraduate nursing degree with an eligible start date

  • Starting or already enrolled on a full time course

  • In any year of the degree programme

  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to work in the UK

What do you need for the application process? You will need to complete information about:

  • Your current employment and any previous employment (only if relevant)

  • Past courses and qualifications (the most recent three)

  • The course you are applying for and the course provider, the start and end dates (please ensure that the start date of your course is eligible)

You will also be asked to complete an applicant statement, this comprises of the following questions:

  • Why do you want to become a nurse?

  • What experience do you have that relates to nursing?

  • How do you think your previous qualifications will help you in your course/career?

  • Please comment on your personal achievements and how these will help in your nursing course/career?

  • You will need to provide an academic reference

For further information visit https://rcnfoundation.rcn.org.uk/apply-for-funding/educational-grants/faq-education-grants

Please note this grant scheme is currently closed