Are you a community psychiatric nurse living or working in the Portsmouth area? Are you about to start a course or a module of a course you are already on that will improve patient care?

Apply to the RCN Foundation for a JE McGuigan Grant and receive up to £5,000 a year for your continuous professional development.

Check if you’re eligible

To apply for the funding, you need to be either a:

- UK registered community psychiatric nurse

- Living or working in the Portsmouth area


- Doing a UK accredited course with an eligible start date – between 01 January 2021 and 01 January 2022. If you have already started your course, but will start a new module during that time period, you can apply for funding for the module you will be undertaking.

What do you need for the application form?

You will need to complete information about:

· Your current employment and any previous employment (the most recent three places of employment)

· Past courses and qualifications (the most recent three)

· The course you are applying for and the course provider, the start and end dates (please ensure that the start date of your course is eligible)

· The amount of funding you are requesting and what this is for

You will also be asked to complete an applicant statement, which comprises of the following questions:

· What are your professional goals and how will the activity contribute to your career development?

· How will the activity improve the health and well-being of patients and/or carers?

· How will you share your learning and development with colleagues or other nursing teams?

· How have you demonstrated your commitment to self-development so far in your career?

· What challenges do you foresee in completing this activity and how do you plan to address them (for example time constraints, work-place support, financial)?

· How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your learning and development?

If you are applying for a course at level 6 or below, please make sure that you have a manager’s reference. For further information please see:

If you are applying for a level 7 or above, please ensure you have an academic reference and a manager’s reference. For further information please see:

To request an application form please email:

Please note this scheme is currently CLOSED.