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The Problem

Hardship grants statistics graphic
Currently, we are able to reach around 1 in 25 of the nurses, midwives, and healthcare support workers that urgently need our help. As demand for our support continues to grow, what happens to the other 24 in need of support?

Moses, a healthcare support worker in London:

"I was overwhelmed with guilt and shame as I had always prided myself in being able to provide for my family. For someone who has been able to support others, I found myself highly vulnerable and in need of support myself." 

The Solution 

Through our hardship grants, the RCN Foundation provides vital support to those who care for our friends, families and employees. 
List of what a grant can be used for

A carer in need, needs a carer indeed 

"The RCN Foundation support came at the right time. To know that there are individuals silently supporting us in the background felt like a guardian angel was always looking out for me. I feel privileged for the support afforded to me and wish it could be provided for all in my situation. A carer in need, needs a carer indeed." - Moses following his awarded hardship grant. 

Pledge your support today 

By pledging your company's support today, you're helping us make a real difference to the lives of healthcare support workers like Moses, nurses, and midwives and through them, the patients and families they care for. 

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