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NHS nurses and midwives receive Deliveroo education grants

The RCN Foundation has distributed £300,000 to over 200 NHS staff seeking to attain new qualifications.

In March 2022 the RCN Foundation and Deliveroo partnered to launch the Deliveroo-RCN Foundation NHS Education Fund.

By the time applications closed just a few weeks later in April, close to one thousand NHS nurses, midwives and health care support workers had applied to the fund.

The £300,000 fund was made possible through a donation from Deliveroo, raised by its customers and partners as part of their Supporting the NHS and vulnerable groups campaign.

Deliveroo and the RCN Foundation are pleased to announce that we have now awarded education grants to 210 NHS nurses, midwives, and healthcare assistants who are seeking to develop their careers.

Of these 210 individuals, many are from low income backgrounds, and two are Deliveroo Riders who also hold NHS roles.

Awardees will participate in an exceptionally wide range of training and educational opportunities, including: clinical skills courses such as phlebotomy and wound care; mental health nursing; palliative care; critical care; children and young people’s pain and life-limiting conditions; meeting the needs of older people; and undertaking clinical research.

The 210 awardees will start undertaking their courses from September 2022.

The grants were received by NHS staff from every part of the UK, with awards being made in all of the four countries. The grant was particularly popular in Scotland.

Deliveroo’s support of these 210 nursing and midwifery staff across the UK will have a positive impact on each individual's career, bring new skills into their teams, and benefit the patients they care for.