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Run a funded neurological rehabilitation feasibility study

The RCN Foundation is seeking a research team to conduct a feasibility study into a nurse-led, holistic, neurological rehabilitation intervention.

This call has been extended until 14 July 2022

The study will support the psychosocial rehabilitation and survivorship of young adults following an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). This will incorporate a three-year PhD nursing scholarship.

The RCN Foundation in partnership with SameYou, the brain injury charity founded by Emilia Clarke and her family. Together we have a programme of work focusing on the Neurological Rehabilitation and Care of young survivors of acquired brain injury (ABI).

This call is based upon the findings of the Young Adults Rehabilitation Needs and Experiences following Stroke (YARNS - University of Edinburgh). This explored the lived experience of the neurological rehabilitation and care of young adult patients aged 18 to 40 years, following an ABI.
The main findings of YARNS were:

  • A greater understanding for nurses of patients’ experiences of neurological rehabilitation, following an ABI as a young adult. This in particular related the individual’s physical, cognitive and emotional rehabilitation journey from their former self to their present self, and onto their emerging self.

  • Identification of a gap in the national provision of age-related neurological-rehabilitation. This is particularly relevant to the psychosocial support provided once the individual had been discharged from hospital to home.

  • Recognising the importance of the stroke nurse which is central to the individual experiences of holistic neurological rehabilitation.

Additionally, through their Stroke Priority Setting Partnership for Investment, the James Lind Alliance (JLA) and the Stroke Association (2021) have also identified neurological rehabilitation and care for young people following a stroke as priority for further research.

The findings from the YARNS study, coupled with the JLA priority, demonstrates an urgent need to address this gap in the psychosocial provision within neurological rehabilitation.

This gap is currently hampering the holistic rehabilitation, mental health, emotional wellbeing and quality of survivorship for young adults following an ABI.

This is a call to develop a nurse-led psychosocial rehabilitation intervention, which addresses young ABI survivor’s mental wellbeing so that they can achieve the greatest degree of survivorship to fully embrace their life moving forward. This will also incorporate a PhD nursing scholarship. Grateful thanks also goes to SameYou for their vision and support in this area.

To apply to run the feasibility study, please download the following information pack: